Anglia Television

Anglia Television logo used from 1988 until 2004

Anglia Television is the regional ITV broadcaster for East Anglia and has been on the air since October 27 1959. Anglia Television, which has produced over the years such shows as the world famous Survival series and Tales of the Unexpected has its Headquarters at Anglia House in Norwich, Norfolk in the United Kingdom.

Anglia House`

Anglia House in Norwich

Although now part of ITV PLC, Anglia Television was until 1994 an independent company. In 1994, it was bought by MAI, who were subsequently acquired by United News and Media. In 2000 Anglia Television was acquired by Granada. In 2004 Granada merged with Carlton to become ITV PLC. Sadly, on 27 October 2002 Anglia Television lost its on-air identity and became absorbed as part of the ITV 1 network.