TV Station Idents


Associated-Rediffusion's Starburst or Adastral ident

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The name Adastral is derived from the Latin motto of the Royal Air Force: Per Ardua ad Astra, which roughly translates in English as Through struggles to the stars. The Associated-Rediffusion head office building in Kingsway, London, was formerly the headquarters of the Royal Air Force, hence Associated-Rediffusion's use of the name.

(Associated-Rediffusion 'Starburst' ID by courtesy of Archbuild Limited U.K.)


The original Channel Television ident

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Channel Television, the smallest company in the ITV network is based in St Helier, Jersey in the Channel Islands.

(Courtesy of Channel Television)


Southern Television ident

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(Courtesy of Nic Ayling - Southern Television Limited)


Anglia Television's original ident

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The original Anglia Television ident: the Anglia Knight, was featured in the short introductory film used at the start of each day's programming. The knight was filmed from varying angles to very good effect. An arrangement by Sir Malcolm Sargent of Handel's water music accompanied the film.
(Courtesy of Anglia Television)


The Anglia Television 'A' ident

This ident, created from a series of triangles was designed by the Lambie-Nairn company

(Courtesy of Anglia Television)


The ITV 1 Anglia Television ident

(Courtesy of Anglia Television)


An early ATV ident (Associated Television)


ATV Ident (Associated Television)

This ident was used from the mid 1950s until 1982 when ATV became Central Television.


Text: Graham J. Hayes 2005