Popular Game Shows in TV History

TV shows have been the source of excitement and entertainment for a lot of years. Nowadays, we have the best game shows available online, but that didn’t have a negative effect on how popular they are. The TV offers the best game shows, as opposed to online shows, for example. We can all name a lot of game shows, and we have the most famous game shows we enjoy watching and re-watching again and again.

The TV has evolved – from black and white bulky TVs, we went to a sleek, stylish LED and smart TVs that give us the best watching experience possible now. The best game shows and TV shows evolved too – we have more excitement, they are more approachable, and they follow the latest trends. This is exactly what our site is about, and what we’ll offer you.

So, stay tuned to be in the know about all the best game shows and TV shows.

Best Game Shows of All Time

Some game shows are better than others, and they were more famous, regardless of how old or new they are. Usually, this is because they were more exciting and offered something unique. In the following text, we’ll go over the best game shows of all time, and the things that make them unique.

  1. Deal or No Deal

    This is an adrenaline-packed game show with one contestant and his briefcase, as well as 25 others. The briefcases contain a value from %0.01 to $1.000.000, and the goal is to eliminate cases from the game. From time to time, the contestant gets a “deal” from The Banker, and if they refuse all deals and continue playing, they can only trade the case they took with the only one that is left in the game at the end of the game. The player can win whatever money was in the last-standing case.

  2. Wheel of Fortune

    This old show (dates from 1975) has been really popular because it is incredibly fun. With similarities to the hangman game and crossword game (since 2016), this game is easy and fun, and contestants guess the puzzles to turn the wheel containing rewarding prizes.

  3. The Price is Right

    The name says it all! In the game “The Price is Right”, the contestants have the simple task of guessing the prices of retail items. Sometimes, the items are everyday items, whereas sometimes they can be unique and challenging.

  4. Bingo

    One of the best game shows for people who like winning real money prizes but don’t like solving quizzes. It is an old game with a proven reputation. Except for the TV bingo show, people nowadays can play bingo at legal online casinos, which is a huge advantage. These legal online casinos are really famous because they are convenient and easy-to-access.

    Most importantly, at legal online casinos, players have bigger chances to win real money prizes and play different casino games, including bingo games. To top it off, online casinos give out a lot of casino bonuses for their players. Thanks to these casino bonuses, players can play casino games and bingo games for free. This is the case with no deposit casino bonuses. Also, they can win real money prizes while playing casino games for free by using diverse casino bonuses. Check out Casinobonushawk.co.uk to find the latest no deposit bonuses from top UK online casinos and read how to use them optimally to win money with them.

  5. Wipeout

    This is probably the most brutal, funny, and adrenaline-packed show on TV. The show features a large obstacle track that players must pass to win. However, these obstacles are often really hard for the everyday Joe to pass, and usually, only people with incredible skill, reflexes, and physical abilities can handle them.

Famous TV Quiz Shows

Quiz shows are unique because they require skill and knowledge from the contestants, and sometimes a bit of wit. They come in different types, forms, and interesting celebrities in them.

Here are the most famous quiz shows that have taken the world in a whim:

  1. Who Wants to be a Millionaire

The goal of the quiz is simple – players become millionaires once answering the 15 questions. The questions are incredibly hard, so anyone who actually answers them right is a hero.

  1. Jeopardy

In Jeopardy, as opposed to other quizzes – you have the answer, but you don’t have the question. Your goal is to guess the questions to win a prize.

  1. Don’t Forget the Lyrics

Music fans enjoy this quiz because it requires having a lot of knowledge in music and especially lyrics. Contestants must guess a line from a song to win a prize.

  1. Family Fortunes / Family Feud

Both the US and UK versions are fun – they feature two families competing against each other and answering questions.

  1. QI (Quite Interesting)

In this British show, players get points by guessing the answers, or at least giving an “interesting answer”. It is fun and it is funny.

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